ALL ORDERS over the total amount of $500 must Mail, eMail, or Fax a SIGNED copy of this agreement to Rick Lyon.

By Purchasing Graphics from Rick Lyon, you are stating that you have read, understood, and agree to all of the terms and conditions set by this agreement.

1. You must be a legal adult 18 years or age or of legal age in your place of residence to purchase adult graphics from Rick Lyon.
2. You agree to pay in full for all images designed and/or produced by Rick Lyon for which you have placed an order.
3. We reserve the right to hold your final designs until which time a business check or funds transfer has cleared the issuing account.
4. Payment must be made IN FULL for orders less than $1000.00 USD before we will start on your project. Only after payment is received and has cleared will you receive your completed design.
5. For all orders over $1000.00 USD, we require 50% of the total order to be paid in advance, and or the minimum being $1000.00 (which ever is less) before we will start on your project. Then upon completion of the design and approval of the sample designs, then remaining balance must be paid in full before you will receive your completed designs.
6. All payments must be made in the form of one of the following: Company Checks, Money Orders, Cashier's Check , Pay Pal (+2/3%$ fees) or Direct Wire Transfer. ( No Personal Checks )
7. All accounts that have not been paid in full upon the completion of designs after final approval will be charged $50 each month after completion date until paid in full.
8. Rick Lyon reserves the right to close all accounts on purchasers failing to make full payment on completed designs within (6) months. After such time, purchaser loses all rights to their designs and Rick Lyon reserves the right to reuse parts or all of the design in future projects.

1. For designs which require photographs of a person(s) or model(s), the purchaser agrees to provide licensed images that they wish to be used for their design. Rick Lyon will not supply any images. If the purchaser does not have their own images, Rick Lyon can recommend a legal image provider.
2. The purchaser hereby releases Rick Lyon from any and all legal actions or monetary settlements arising from the purchaser providing us with unlicensed images or content to be used for the development of their design.
4. Under penalties of perjury, I solemnly declare and affirm that I have read, understood and agree to all of the above statements and wish to conduct business with Kid Red Productions in a manner that acts within ALL of the statements presented by this agreement.
5. I also affirm that I have printed a copy of this policy for my records and will have it available for review and/or affirmation for the life of the design created under the terms of this agreement.
6. Rick Lyon will display all work completed on this site for the means of advertising services and however similar to promoting Rick Lyon.
7. All completed designs will be uploaded to this site for (5) days and the purchaser will be given a url to obtain them. After the (5) days holding period the designs will be removed and a $20 charge assessed for files needed to be re-posted (after penalty payments have cleared).

1. There are no 'standard' rules or rates for 'redesign' on already completed work. Rick Lyon will do everything possible to satisfy and service our customers, on-time, the first time, and every time.
2. Upon completion of your designs, you will be sent a 'cropped' image, or portion of your final design for adjustment, corrections and/or approval. We do not ask that you send payment until you are satisfied with the samples provided to you.
3. In some cases, for instance: IF your design consists of multiple images, Java Script or image-mapped graphics, you will be sent a 'flat', nonfunctional picture of the overall design for your review and/or approval as indicated above.
4. In our attempt to satisfy our customers and transfer their visions into real working designs, sometimes rework or partial redesign of completed work is required. Rick Lyon maintains a standard for seeing your project through it's completion. You will never 'be stuck' with an image or design that does not meet your expectations.
5. However, any alterations made to the original files AFTER FINAL APPROVAL AND DELIVERY OF COMPLETED PROJECT are at the sole discretion of purchaser Rick Lyon will correct changes made to the original approved file(s) with further charges.

Rick Lyon
Inverted Pixel
Owner / Designer