Web Site Design
Looking to expand your company's presence to the internet? Or just looking to update your current site? We can handle all your web site design needs. Contact Us to find out how we can brand your corporate image and give you a professional site design and presence.

Promotional Materials

Once you have a site or product the next phase is to advertise and promote it. Inverted Pixel handles this aspect of the industry as well. Banners need to do 2 things- (1) brand your web site and/or corporate image and (2) lure potential customers to your website. We can design surfer friendly and high quality banners that not only establish your brand name but also grabs the surfer to get them to your site.

Logos, Promotional Materials & More
Inverted Pixel is a graphic and web design company, not only do we design creatively innovative web sites and promotional graphics, we also can handle just about anything graphics related. From stationary, updated web site logo, company t-shirts, anything you can think of we can creatively design.

Graphic Design Services
Have a need for new or updated business cards, print ads, flyers, etc? We can also create promotional print ready postcards, software packaging, product label design, catalogs & more.

We have the ability to produce spot illustrations, comp, storyboards, cartoons, caricatures, and various custom artwork upon request.

You'd be amazed at the scope of graphic needs we can cover. Contact Us today to find out how we can help you.