What is Inverted Pixel? It's pixel manipulation taken to an extreme, tossed around and pulled inside out. Huh? Well, for artist/designer Rick Lyon, it's his unique and artistic approach to web design and graphic design.

We just don't produce generic, uninspiring websites that just any old cookie cutter design firm can template out for cheap, we strive to create stunning, visually stimulating and user friendly designs. Rick's 6+ years of web site design experience as well as over 13+ years of experience as a graphic designer and illustrator blend their unique flavor into one simple design objective, do what others haven't thought of yet.

If you are looking to have a custom web site created for your online presence, or need to expand it with corporate logos, stationary, business cards and print ads, Inverted Pixel has you covered.

See see design samples, visit the portfolio by clicking here.