Inverted Pixel was started by Rick Lyon as he entered into web design as a continued path along the creative lines he's always followed. Instead of oil on canvas, he was using the internet and a computer to create art. He has been designing custom innovative websites for more than 6 years now.

Rick was freelanced as an illustrator since 1993. He has worked for advertising agencies creating comps, storyboards and spot illustrations. He went on to draw comic books for London Knight Studios and Avatar Publishing, penciling well over 80 published titles to his credit. Along the way, he continued to draw storyboards for various production companies and directors. Rick has drawn dozens of commercials for both domestic and foreign commercials such as Goodyear, US Army, US Airforce, Heineken, Plavix, Miami Grand Prix, Gatoraid, Benadryl and many more. Rick has also created storyboards for the movie Devious Beings.

Bringing years of artistic training and experience into webdesign is what helps set Inverted Pixel from other design firms. Whatever the focus of most design firms is, Inverted Pixel's main focus is the artistic representation of your vision. We can put your vision to fruition using several medium and we can do it with artistic style. To see samples of Web Design, Graphic Design and Illustration, please visit our portfolio.